Town of Almond

New York

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Zoning Board of Appeals

Request for Area Variance   (updated October 28, 2011)
Request for Use Variance   (updated October 28, 2011)

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Code Enforcement

The following form is provided so that you can preview the information that you will have to supply. The actual building permit is a 'four copy' form that can only be obtained from the Town Clerk or the Code Enforcement Officer.

All permit applications should be returned to the Code Officer only.

Building projects are not to be started without first obtaining the Code Officers approval and signature on the permit. If there are any questions please call the Code Officer at home between 8 am - 9 pm  (607-276-5039).

Building Permit   (updated August 1, 2011)

Download Documents

These documents are scans of previously published documents and are provided for your convenience.   They are believed to be the latest versions but they are NOT official documents.

Zoning Ordinance

Document dated November 19, 2002   (scanned on July 9, 2008, updated on September 24, 2008)

Zoning Map

Document dated June 27, 2002   (scanned on September 1, 2009)

Land Subdivision Regulations

Document has no date   (scanned on July 10, 2008)

Comprehensive Plan

Volume 1 dated June 1970   (we need someone to scan this volume)
Volume 2 dated June 1970   (scanned on February 20, 2012)
Volume 3 dated June 1970   (we have no copy of this volume)