Town of Almond

New York

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Alfred-Almond Central School
Allegany County
Almond Library
Almond Historical Society
Almond Volunteer Fire Department
Committee on Open Government - (FOIL, OML)
Committee on Open Government - (FOIL, OML)  (PDF version)
FOIL - (Freedom of Information Law)
OML - (Open Meetings Law)
Overview of the Assessment Roll
SEQR Cookbook (2004)  (PDF)
SEQR Handbook (2010)  (PDF)
SEQR information - "Stepping Through the SEQR Process"
STAR (School Tax Relief Program) information
Tax Roll - Alfred-Almond Central School
Tax Roll - Allegany County  (use the 'Public Access' link)
The Property Tax Cycle
What To Do If You Disagree With Your Assessment  (PDF)
Where do your tax dollars go?

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